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Denman College

If you would like to spend more time with John Vigar why not consider a short course at Denman College near Abingdon, Oxfordshire? Courses are open to all and accommodation is in ensuite rooms. Here are courses for 2020.

An armchair guide to English Parish Churches, 20-22 January

An armchair guide to buildings with battlements, 22-24 January

Abbeys and Priories, 24-26 February Visiting Dorchester and Reading

Hampton Court Palace, 26-28 February with a visit

Murder Sex and Mayhem in Old Churches 20-22 March full day visit

Spas and Pleasure Resorts, 22-25 March visit to Bath

Follies and Grottoes, 25-27 March visit to Stowe

Bedrooms, Banquets and Balls, 14-16 April

Mistresses and their homes, 16-19 April visit to Hampton Court

Cathedrals of England, 7-10 June visiting Winchester and Gloucester

The Dukes 10-12 June visiting BADMINTON HOUSE

Churches of the Test Valley, 19-22 July, two days out

Medieval Wall Paintings, 22-24 July full day out

Blenheim and the Churchills 19-21 August

Murder Sex and Mayhem in Old Churches 27-30 September full day out

Prominent British Families 30 Sept-2 October

Anne Lister and her world 4-6 November

Warwick Castle at Christmas 4-6 December, including a visit        

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A storm is brewing
Wimbotsham Church, Norfolk

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Ballidon, Derbyshire, is an undiscovered gem in the care of The Friends of Friendless Churches. In this Blog I outline the main features of the church. Ballidon is an area of great antiquity. There are remains of Neolithic and Bronze Age barrows...
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Monday 9th December promised fine weather, so I had arranged to meet my friend Gary from Lincoln and to go on a churchcrawl to 12 churches. We met at Horncastle, a lovely little town with a stately, though Victorianised, church.Our first target was L...
This week marks the 316th anniversary of one of the worst storms recorded in England. About a third of our naval ships were lost at sea whilst on land destruction was on a huge scale. In London alone 2000 chimneystacks collapsed with great loss of li...

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