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I am sadly having to sell some of my collection of church books. Just let me know if you would like to purchase any - postage will be charged at cost.

Local Styles of the English Parish Church Addison, Sir William Batsford 1982 Hardback VG 2.5
Jordan`s Guide to English Churches Jordan, Owen Kings England Press 2000 Paperback as new 4
The Decorated Style Coldstream, Nicola British Museum Press 1994 Paperback used 2.5
Temple of Love (The Agapemonites) McCormack, Donald Jarrolds 1962 Hardback Good 5
The Abode of Love (Agapemonites) Barlow, Kate Bantam 2006 Paperback as new 6
English Medieval Church Towers: Northern Ryan, W E D Boydell Press 2018 Paperback as new 7.5
A History of the Church of England Moorman, John Adam and Charles Black 1958 Hardback Fair 5
Contrasts and True Principles of Pointed Architecture Pugin, AWN Spire Books Ltd 2003 Hardback as new 40
English Parish Churches as Works of art Clifton-Taylor, Alec Batsford 1986 Hardback very good 5
Medieval Church window tracery in England Hart, Stephen Boydell Press 2010 Hardback as new 15
Exploring Parish Churches Bonham-Carter, Victor Routledge and Keegan Paul 1961 Hardback as new 1.5
Medieval Styles of the English Parish Church Howard, F E Batsford 1936 Hardback Fair 12.5
The Study of Liturgy Jones, Cheslyn (Ed) SPCK 1978 Paperback Acceptable 1.5
A History of Anglican Liturgy Cuming, G Macmillan 1969 Hardback ex Public Library 10
Brandon`s Parish Churches (Two complete Volumes) Brandon, R and J George Bell 1858 Hardback very good £75
The Reformation of the Decalogue Willis, Jonathan Cambridge University Press 2017 Paperback as new 25
Medieval Bishops` Houses in England and Wales Thompson, Michael Ashgate 1998 Hardback as new 17.5
Glory, Laud and Honour, The arts of the Anglican Counter Reformation Parry, Graham Boydell Press 2006 Paperback as new 17.5
Romanesque Art Petzold, Andreas Everyman 1995 Hardback as new 2.5
Saints in the Landscape Jones, Graham Tempus 2007 Paperback As new 7.5
Holy Terrors: Gargoyles on Medieval Buildings Benton, Janetta Rebold Abbeville Press 1997 Hardback as new 12.5
Green Man, The archetype of our oneness with the Earth Anderson, William Harper Collins 1990 Hardback as new 5.5
History and Imagery in British Churches Anderson, M D John Murray 1971 Paperback as new 3.5
Bestiary Barber, Richard Boydell Press 1993 Paperback as new 7.5
The Stripping of the Altars Duffy, Eamon Yale 1992 Paperback VG 5
Lordship and faith, the English gentry and the parish church Saul, Nigel Oxford University Press 2017 Hardback as new 75
Landscape with Churches Durant, G M Museum Press 1965 Hardback Good 3.5
The Principles of Religious Ceremonial Frere, W H Mowbray 1928 Hardback Good 5
English Church Clocks Beeson, CFC Phillimore 1971 Hardback ex Public Library 25
Gothic England Harvey, John Batsford 1948 Hardback ex Public Library 2.5
Churches with a Story Long, George Werner Long 1932 Hardback Good 2.5
The Law of the English Parish Church Dale, W L Butterworth 1946 Hardback good 5
The European Reformation 1500-1618 Greengrass, Mark Longman 1998 Paperback as new 5
Parish Church architecture Tyrrell-Green, E SPCK 1924 Hardback Fair 2.5
Anglican Church Plate Gilchrist, James The Connoisseur 1967 Hardback Fair 2.5
The Journal of Stained Glass, Scotland Issue Vol XXX BSMGO BSHPG 2006 Paperback as new 2.5
The Rood in medieval Britain and Ireland 800-1500 Turner, Philippa (Ed) Boydell Press 2020 Hardback as new 65
Christian Symbols Child, Heather G Bell and Sons 1971 Hardback ex Public Library 1.5
Christianity and the Visual Arts Cope, Gilbert (ed) Faith Press 1964 Hardback ex Public Library 7.5
The Holy Roman Empire Heer, Friedrich Weidenfeld and Nicolson 1968 Hardback ex Public Library 4.5
Traces of the Templars Tull, George F Woolnough Bookbinding 2000 Paperback as new 3.5
Pilgrimage to Rome in the Middle Ages Birch, Debra J Boydell and Brewer 1998 Hardback as new 17.5
English Medieval Pilgrimage Hall, D J Routledge and Keegan Paul 1966 Hardback Good 7.5
Medieval Chantries and Chantry Chapels Cook, G H Phoenix House 1947 Hardback Good 18
Temporal Pillars, Queen Anne`s Bounty and the Ecclesiastical Commissioners Best, GFA Cambridge University Press 1961 Hardback very good 17.5
Victorian Church Art (V&A Exhibition Catalogue 1971 Victoria and Albert Victoria and Albert 1871 Paperback Good 4.5
English Church Architecture (Two Volumes) Bond, Francis Humphrey Milford 1913 Hardback very good 95
Encyclopaedia of Medieval Church Art Tasker, Edward Batsford 1993 Hardback very good 17.5
English Country Churches Briers, Richard Robson 1989 Hardback as new 2.5
The English Parsonage in the Nineteenth Century Brittain-Catlin, T Spire Books Ltd 2008 Hardback as 50
Saving Churches Saunders, Matthew Frances Lincoln 2010 Paperback as new 10
Britain`s Lost Churches Hyde, Matthew Aurum Press 2015 Hardback As new 7.5
The English Church, England's 100 Finest Parish Churches Tatton-Brown, Tim New Holland 2005 Hardback as new 4.5
Saints and Sinners, A history of the Popes Duffy, Eamon Yale 1997 Hardback as new 2.5
English Liturgical Colours St John Hope, William SPCK 1918 Hardback ex Public Library 22.5
Sacred Britain Palmer, M and N ICOREC 1997 Hardback as new 2.5
St Augustine and the Conversion of England Gameson, Richard (Ed( Sutton 1999 Hardback as new 12.5
Church and Community Bettey, J H Moonraker Press 1979 Hardback ex Public Library 3.5
Churches and Public Buildings Petter, Helen Mary Oxford University Press 1963 Hardback as new 2
Looking at Churches Bowen, David David and Charles 1976 Hardback Fair 2
How to Study an Old Church Needham, A Batsford 1948 Hardback Good 2.5
English Church architecture through the Ages Ison, L and W Arthur Baker 1972 Hardback ex Public Library 2.5
Discovering English Churches Foster, Richard BBC 1979 Hardback Good 2.5
Church archaeology: Research Directions for the Future Blair, John Council for British archaeology 1996 Paperback Good 35
The Evolution of Church Buildings Bowyer, Jack Granada 1977 Hardback Fair 2
English Churches Clarke, Basil and Betjeman, John Vista 1964 Hardback ex Public Library 2
Our Christian Heritage Rodwell, Warwick George Philip 1984 Hardback Good 2.5
English Country Churches Brabbs, Derry Guild Publishing 1985 Hardback Good 2.5
William Morris V&A 1996 Exhibition Catalogue Parry, Linda (Ed) Victoria and Albert 1996 Paperback Good 20
The Architecture of the Scottish Medieval Church Fawcett, Richard Paul Mellon 2011 Hardback AS NEW 45
A fifteenth century pilgrimage in honour of Henry VI Lee, Joan Henry VI Society 1974 Paperback Good 5
More Adventures Among Churches Maxwell, Donald Faith Press ND Hardback Good 15
Pugin exhibition catalogue Atterbury, Paul Victoria and Albert 1994 Paperback Good 12.5
English Cathedrals Meyer, Peter Thames and Hudson 1952 Hardback Fair 3.5
Tin Tabernacles Smith, Ian Camrose 2004 Hardback As new 25
Search for a Saint: Edward King Newton, John A Epworth 1977 Paperback As new 2.5
St George`s Chapel Windsor in the late Middle Ages Richmond, Colin (Ed) Windsor 2001 Paperback As new 4.5
Ruined and Deserted Churches Beedham, L E Elliot Stock 1908 Hardback Fair 12.5
The Church of England 1570-1640 Foster, Andrew Longman 1994 Paperback Fair 3.5
The Village Church Ditchfield, P H EP Publishing 1974 Hardback Fair 7.5
History of the Church of England Wakeman, H O Rivington's 1914 Hardback Good 3
The Parish Church Duce, J E A & C Black 1962 hardback Fair 2.5
Dunstan, Jewel of the English Daniels, Richard W St Dunstan`s Press 1988 Stapled paperback Good 4.5
Exploring Old British Churches Webb, Beresford Vawser and Wiles 1949 Hardback Good 4.5
My Parish Church Clare, Basil SPCK 1946 Hardback Fair 2.5
Ladybird What to Look For Outside a Church Hunt, P J Wills and Hepworth 1972 Hardback Good 15
The Religion of Art Comper, John Modern reprint   Hardback as new 5
A popular handbook on the origin, history and structure of liturgies Comper, John Modern reprint   Paperback as new 5
Holy Wells of Bath and Bristol Region Quinn, Phil Logaston Press 1999 Paperback as new 6
The Holy Wells of Wales Jones, Francis University of Wales Press 1954 Hardback Fair 40
Holy Wells: Wales Cope, Phil Seren Books 2008 Hardback Good 25
The Living Stream Rattue, James Boydell 1995 Hardback as new 17.5
Sacred Waters Bord, J and C Granada 1985 Hardback Good 5
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      I`m delighted to announce the publication of my latest book Churches of Sussex. It is a brand new look at fifty churches which I think give the best overview of ecclesiastical and architectural history in the county. I have spent...
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It`s been a busy few weeks for me as I continue to research my Churches of Essex book for publication in 2025. I`m now at the stage of revisiting the churches to photograph them for the book and have been delighted to have been accompanied by some em...
I am sadly having to sell some of my collection of church books. Just let me know if you would like to purchase any - postage will be charged at cost. Local Styles of the English Parish Church Addison, Sir William Batsford 1982 Hardback VG 2.5 Jordan...

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